Your crypto-friendly store, now.

BravePro makes crypto payments simple and accessible to businesses of all sizes. Manage your store staff, track your inventory, keep full control of your finances... bring more value to your customers as you enjoy the benefits of blockchain. BravePro takes your business to the next level.

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Enjoy all benefits

Set up in seconds

Create your BravePay business account in just few clicks. Crypto has never been that easy.

No transaction fees

Unlique credit cards, BravePay has zero transaction fees. Protect your margins with BravePay.

Android & iOS Mobile App

Collect crypto payments from the smartphones of your store staff, straight into your Business Account.

Manage your inventory

Create your store product list in minutes. Prepare detailed checks and control your store inventory

A Powerful CRM

Control all your business in one place: assign roles among your staff, get full analytics in real time and manage crypto-fiat transfers

Both you and your customers win

Grow your business with BravePay and earn up to 1% of every transaction in BRAVE rewards. You have a great reason to recommend BravePay to your customers: we fully cover the cost of one of every 100 purchases made

A Point of Sale Terminal in every smartphone

BravePro transforms the smartphones of your staff in fully functional Point of Sale Terminals that manage your store inventory, ticketing, receive payments, make refunds...

Business metrics in one place

BravePro CRM gives you in real-time all the information you need to manage your business. Get full visibility of the activity of your staff and manage all your business units and accounting in a very simple manner.

Stable crypto account for your business

Do you need to lock the value of your cryptos in your business account? Or do you prefer to take advantage of market moves? With BravePro you can store your payments received in Braves or USDC, you decide.


BravePro is designed for everyone

Offline retailers

Vending Machines




Price Plans

Basic Plan

Ideal for small business


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  • Max 1 store and 1 employee access

  • BravePro Backoffice

  • Analytics & Invoicing

  • Online store integration

Business Plan

For mid-size businesses


 / mo

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  • Max 1 store, 3 employee and 1 vending

  • BravePro Backoffice

  • Analytics & Invoicing

  • Online store integration

  • Store inventory

Corporate Plan

For large businesses


 / mo

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  • Unlimited Stores and employees

  • BravePro Backoffice

  • Analytics & Invoicing

  • Online store integration

  • Store inventory